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Milkshake 1

Sipping on a creamy milkshake can transport you back to happy, hazy, and carefree afternoons of childhood, where the world seemed simpler and sweeter. The festiveness of the red-and white straw together with the familiar taste of rich vanilla can awaken memories of diners with checkered floors, jukeboxes playing popular classics, and the laughter of friends echoing in the background. Each sip is a nostalgic journey, reminding you of summer days spent chasing ice cream trucks or family outings. The milkshake becomes more than just a drink—it's a vessel of nostalgia, connecting you to moments and feelings that are cherished and timeless.


Oil on canvas panel

Painting size: 12.5x17.5cm

Framed size: 20.5x25.5 cm


Ready to hang in a handsome dark wood-effect frame.

Delivered in plastic-free, secure, stylish packaging, suitable for gifting.

Milkshake 1

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