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I am a self-tought painter in oils.


I have set up my studio later in life. After a 20+ year career in media and advertising, the elements of my life aligned in such a fortunate way to allow me realize my lifelong ambition to work as a professional artist.

I specialize in smaller scale paintings and my painting style is evolving towards photorealism - if a little looser to allow a degree of artistic input.

My paintings are in private collections in various locations - Canada, France, Sweden, UK, USA, Turkey, Greece to name a few.

For both longevity and vibrancy, I use high quality, professional artist’s materials that impart the gem-like luminosity only high quality oils can impart so beautifully!

My aim is to create timeless pieces that impart an elegant ambiance. My work can be described as personable, tranquil, and some are real conversation starters!


The below considerations distinguish my art in the current market:

  • A modern interpretation of the classic genres through pared-down art elements

  • Use of on-trend colours and colour combinations

  • Inclusion of elements that are specific to our time to add relevance

  • Carefully balanced dark and light contrast, both in the colour palette and the depiction of light itself


I mostly paint in the alla prima style, meaning layers are built wet-on-wet, and the painting is completed in one or two sittings.


I am grateful for your interest in my art, enjoy your browse!

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